University of Bamberg

The long-standing relationship between the museum and the University of Bamberg was sealed in 2008 with a cooperation agreement. In the course of this, the museum, which was originally run as the “Museum of Early Islamic Art”, was renamed the “University Museum of Islamic Art”. Since the museum was founded in Bamberg, Professor Dr. Lorenz Korn, Professor of Islamic Art History and Archaeology at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of Bamberg, has accompanied the development and development of the museum as a member of the Bumiller Art Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The museum is centrally located in the immediate vicinity of the Institute of Oriental Studies and the university library. With an extensive study collection of various material groups, a comprehensive reference library and a seminar room, the collection is available for researching and teaching Islamic art.

The Bumiller Collection has been represented on since 2019. The platform presents Islamic art from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

A database of around 850 objects and 380 monuments covers art from the Umayyads (661-750) to the end of the Ottoman Empire (1922). Disoverislamicart is a project of Museum With No Frontiers, which is dedicated to the transnational presentation of history, art and culture throughout the Mediterranean region, based on equal visibility for all participants.