The Museum of Early Islamic Art was opened in 1995. Manfred Bumiller had decided to establish his museum in Bamberg to make his collection available for teaching and research in collaboration with the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of Bamberg.

The historical premises of the two neighbouring properties Austrasse 29 and 27 serve as museum. It was inaugurated in 1995. The large part of the objects is displayed on two floors measuring about 400 square meters. The walk-in depots in the attic floors of the neighbouring property Austr. Das begehbare Depot in den Dachgeschossen der Austr. 27 is accessible for research purposes.

A reference-library holding about 900 specialised titles and a seminar room are available for scholarly work on the objects.

The Luschey Collection is shown in a specially allocated room. The pottery was collected by Heinz Luschey (1919-1992) who was director of the German Archaeological Institute in Teheran between 1961 and 1971. It is also represented in a modern art installation.

Jörg Ahrnt, Centres 2019

The hallway of the second floor serves as a gallery of contemporary art. The works of art were created by artists who were represented in exhibitions in the Studio X in Berlin between 2014 and 2019.